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First...a big MAHALO for being here and listening to our on-line radio stations...We've been on-air since 1994...YES, WAY BACK THEN!

I receiver a few e-notes asking if Hawaii is back.  The answer is NOT QUITE.  The islands are rebounding slowly…but the ARE rebounding.  Soon, things will be back to normal. 

If visitors have heard about the mask mandate many aren’t taking it seriously.  Some spoke during Television interviews stating that they didn’t have to wear masks at home, so they didn’t think they had to wear them in Hawaii either.  You have to wear one...everywhere. Tour busses are running on Oahu and some attractions are open.  Several Luau’s are open around the state.

Each island has a website with updated information for you.  You can also check the THIS WEEK magazine links that you’ll find on our TRAVEL PAGE.  When you land in Hawaii be sure to look for a copy of THIS WEEK MAGAZINE – inside you’ll find discounts for dining, shopping and activities. 

J.E. DUKE (aka Aloha JOE®)  I am an author too and my latest novel will be published very soon.  To see all of my books visit JEDUKE.COM.  Everything is available for digital readers (Kindle – Nook - Notepads – Cellphones – Laptops) and available in paperback form from

Check out our daily show (M-F) 9 -11 AM Pacific and Saturday 7 -8:30 AM.  All shows are available ON-DEMAND too.  Aloha Joe TV produces a simul-cast of each radio show.  Join us in our CHAT ROOM…We have fun!

I have no plans to travel at this time.  I’m busy doing my daily Radio/TV shows, taking care of our kitties, and doing husband/father stuff. 
Join us on-air.  Send over requests. 
Once again....MAHALO for listeing to all 10 of our stations!

And a bigger THANK YOU to who've joined our RADIO CLUB...The monthly donations really do help us stay on the air.


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